Risk Management

Complexity and change are driven by numerous forces both external (regulations, marketplace events, changing economic conditions) and internal (new products, geographies, business models, quality of financial information, operational and IT processes and controls), all of which impact an organization’s risk profile. A successful organization must be able to navigate these complex forces strategically, to manage risk, drive business performance and achieve regulatory compliance.

Our professionals provide the experience, knowledge and local insight needed to help clients stay on track and deal with risks that have the potential to severely disrupt their business. We are supported by a wider global network of accountants, technologists, economists, data scientists, ex-regulators and pure risk specialists from all over the world. This gives us a thorough understanding of economic and regulatory environment and the multinational capability to ensure that clients are best placed to make the right decisions at the right time.

We help clients be assured of minimal financial risks as our qualified professionals can help to establish a thorough risk governance framework, reassess existing risk management frameworks, while checking for flaws and weaknesses, achieve compliance with regulatory risk management guidelines and assist in risk measurement and management.

What We Do

We also work with clients to highlight concerns and help to improve processes, governance and strategy.  Our services include :

Enterprise Risk

The Enterprise Risk Advisory Services team assists with the creation, enhancement, implementation and review of integrated frameworks for the identification, measurement, mitigation and monitoring of market risks and risk from all sources.

Liquidity Risk

We Treasury and Liquidity Risk professionals provides recommendations to identify, measure and manage liquidity risk, helping organizations to comply with regulatory expectations and enhance their position in an evolving competitive landscape.

Credit Risk

The Credit Risk team provides leading services focused on assisting in credit risk identification, measurement, management and reporting.

Operational Risk

The Operational Risk professionals assist with the creation, enhancement, implementation and review of operational risk frameworks.

Market Risk

The Market Risk professional team helps you for financial risk identification, measurement, mitigation, monitoring and reporting of exposures to interest rate, commodity, and equity and foreign exchange movements.

Capital Management

The Capital Management team offers services to help you anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes and assess their impacts on your business models and capital needs.

Compliance Risk

The Regulatory Compliance team assists with the design of effective, flexible and robust compliance programs to address unique business, regulatory, risk tolerance, technology and operational model requirements. In addition, our Financial Crimes Compliance professionals design, implement and operate Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know-Your-Customer (KYC), and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions functions.